Reynolds Marble
& Granite Company
Reynolds Marble & Granite Company  - 1187 Jones Ferry Rd. - Elberton, Ga. 30635 - (706) 283-6483  -
Reynolds Marble & Granite Co. Inc. was founded in 1970.  The company was established to perform custom sawing sub-contracts for the Elberton, Ga. granite industry.  In 1977, we began producing custom, marble monuments.  With this venture into marble production, we became the first manufacturing facility in Elberton to produce marble monuments.  In the mid 1980's, we discontinued granite production and devoted all of our manufacturing facility to the production of marble monuments.  During our history, we have produced monuments from several different stone sources.  Currently we produce monuments exclusively from domestic stone quarries.  The use of domestic stone ensures that a high quality product will be shipped to our customers.  The use of domestic stone also ensures availability of raw material.  We specialize in the production of tomb stones.
We also produce specialty stone items upon request.  We are the only manufacturing facility in Elberton, Ga. that produces marble exclusively.  We offer a number of marble types with Georgia Marble Cherokee and Colorado Yule being the most popular stones.
Reynolds Marble
& Granite Company
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Elberton, Georgia U.S.A
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Georgia Marble Cherokee
Colorado Yule
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